Nancy-Ochey AFB and Dijon-Longvic AFB (F) - 2009

On April 30th 2009, a Dutch national holiday, EWAS organised another trip to France. This time we went to two French Air Force fighter bases on the same day.

In the morning we were welcomed at Base aérienne 133 Nancy-Ochey. This airbase houses three fighter attack squadrons (Escadron de Chasse). These are EC 1/3 "Navarre", EC 2/3 "Champagne" and EC 3/3 "Ardennes". After a passport check at the gate we were brought to the flightline. The weather was excellent and we had a good opportunity to take pictures of the start-up of three Mirage 2000Ds.

Directly after the third Mirage left we moved to the runway where we were just in time to see the first Mirage taking-off. In total we could see and photograph twelve 2000Ds getting airborne. When the first aircraft came back from their morning sortie, it was time to leave for Dijon.

We arrived in time at Base aérienne 102 Dijon-Longvic. Meanwhile we heard from the tragedy that happened during the Queen's Day festivities in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. We were lucky not to be at home with all this sadness this day. Our visit to BA102 continued as planned. We started with a visit to the flightline were two Mirage 2000Cs could photographed at a nice position. Because a few aircraft were expected to take-off and some others to land, we moved to the runway. After we took our pictures, we moved to the hangars of Escadron d'entraînement 05/002 "Côte-d'Or". This unit is equipped with Alpha Jet E's. Two of their aircraft were parked perfectly in front of their shelters. No disturbing objects, a nice background, cockpit open and lots of sunshine. After everybody had made the shots he wanted, an end came to the second base visit this day.

We all had enjoyed this sunny day with a lot of aircraft and good photo opportunities. I would like to thank the EWAS board for organising these visits and BA133 and BA102 for their hospitality. My thanks go also to Patrick for the transport to, through and from France.

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Mirage 2000D taxiing outMirage 2000D taking-offMirage 2000D taking-offMirage 2000D taking-off
Mirage 2000D taking-offMirage 2000D taking-offMirage 2000D taking-offMirage 2000D taking-off
Mirage 2000D cockpitMirage 2000-5FMirage 2000-5FMirage 2000-5F
Mirage 2000-5FMirage 2000-5FAlpha Jet EEAlpha Jet EE
Alpha Jet EE

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