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Wildcat Challenge 2010

Bath (The Netherlands), 1 September 2010

Two Apache and four Cougar helicopters of the RNLAF were involved in exercise Wildcat Challenge. The scenario consisted of a bridge over the Rijn-Schelde canal which was captured by enemy forces. AH-64 Apaches provided cover while the Cougar brought troops of the Air Mobile Brigade. All happened just after sunset, which made taking pictures a hard job.

Ranking the stars

Delft (The Netherlands), 21 August 2010

Low flying

GLV V (The Netherlands), August 2010

Royal Netherlands Air Force AH-64D Apache.

Kuwait Air Force C-130 Hercules

Maastricht-Beek (The Netherlands), 8 August 2010


Sittard (The Netherlands), 8 August 2010

A few trials in the garden. The fly is a cropped image.

Preview UK Trip

England & Wales, 11-18 July 2010

Jan and I made our annual trip to the UK to visit the Low Flying Areas and the Royal International Air Tattoo. We were unlucky with minimal low flying and bad weather. Luckily we had a plenty of sunshine and good spot during the RIAT displays.

Read the full report for more pictures.

Beauvechain Air Show

Beauvechain (Belgium), 3 July 2010

Bad weather and the crowdline being much to far from runway resulted in only two pictures this day.

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