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Delft (The Netherlands), 18 June 2011

Trying to get a decent shot during a thunderstorm passing by.

Delft early morning

Delft (The Netherlands), 14 June 2011

Some nice buildings in Delft are facing east. Due to the fact these buildings are only nicely lit in the morning, I still did not have any good pictures of these historical sites. Using the very nice SunCalc website I knew I had to be at the central square around 7.00 AM. The first five pictures show the Delft city hall (built in 1620). Then I left to the East Gate (built around 1400), but stopped to photograph the blue heart art object and New Church. Enroute to the gunpowder magazine (built in 1660), I stopped at the Schie canal and the railway tunnel construction works for a few more pictures.

Some more Midden-Delfland

Delft (The Netherlands), 11 June 2011

The birds are a juvenile Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiacus) and a praying Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) respectively.


Delft (The Netherlands), 11 June 2011


Delft (The Netherlands), 1 June 2011

A few shots made during a small evening walk. The picture of the cow was a first attempt in HDR (High Dynamic Range) editing.

Car convoy of top war crime suspect Mladic

Delft (The Netherlands), 31 May 2011

After being transported from Belgrade to Rotterdam Airport by Serbian government plane YU-BNA (Falcon 50), Mladic was transfered to Scheveningen prison either by car or helicopter. The car convoy and police helicopters departed simultaneous. As I live close to the A13 highway, I decided to try to capture the convoy enroute to The Hague. While waiting I couldn't resist to capture a picture of a goose flying overhead. Then finally the two Toyota Landcruisers and two Mercedes S 600 cars came by. As you can see the drivers are wearing balaclava helmets to protect their identies. The Dutch police organisation taking care of this transport is called Dienst Koninklijke en Diplomatieke Beveiliging.


Delft (The Netherlands), 14 May 2011

The view from the New Church is definitely worth the climb.

See nieuwekerk-delft.nl and oudekerk-delft.nl for more information about both churches.

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