UK Trip (England & Wales) - 2009

One week in the UK was used to visit the Royal International Air Tattoo 2009 and return to the Machloop in Wales for a few Grey Ones (RAF frontliners).

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TyphoonFrecce Tricolori soloFrecce TricoloriFrecce Tricolori
Frecce TricoloriWing walkersJAS 39 GripenJAS 39 Gripen
JAS 39 GripenTyphoonRed ArrowsRed Arrows
GriffonTornado F3Casa Cn-235Red Arrows
CT-43C-130HLow Fly Area 7Waterfall
Harrier GR9Harrier GR9Welsh Mountain SheepTyphoon T1
Typhoon T1Typhoon T1GullGull

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