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Landing of Prince William VI re-enactment

Scheveningen (The Netherlands), November 30th, 2013

After the liberation of the French by Russian and Prussian troops it was safe for Prince William VI (Willem Frederik) to return from exile. To celebrate this happened two centuries ago, the landing of the man would later become the first King of The Netherlands was re-enacted. The British Royal Navy sent HMS Tyne to act as HMS Warrior from which the Prince disembarked in 1813. High sea waves made it impossible to land at the beach using a longboat and a tracked vehicle of the Dutch Royal Marines was used instead.

Rotterdam by night

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), 15 November 2013

Light painting Brienz

Brienz (Switzerland), 8 October 2013

Midsummer Night's Supermoon

Delft (The Netherlands), 22 June 2013

A few shots from last summer.

Weekend trip Friesland

Friesland/Drenthe (The Netherlands), 1 September 2013

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